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Boxes in the Ground

Boxes in the Ground
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Boxes in the Ground

Upon sitting at a funeral of an old friend today, I began to drift…..

The more I seem to age, the more family, friends, aquaints seem to drop. Is this part of the aging process? Will the new goal in life eventually become to make time to visit boxes in the ground across the nation of all the people that you once knew? Why must people pass on?
This specific time lost was due to lung cancer. Surely they’ve come up with a cure all for this, right? As many intellectual people there are in the world, surely someone have come up with something by now. They have, but…
The money is not in the cure. The money is in the medicine that you have to repeat everyday.
Me, myself, PV, if you will, plans on living forever. I do. I realize that as a child, I began to realize that I am some sort of superhero. I look normal on the outside, yes. That remains true. The inside, well this is where it all happens. This is what allows me to perform anything I could ever possibly put my mind to. I know this to be a true assessment simply because my mother told me so, years & years ago.
Why must people go and why must others have to mourn? This shouldn’t have to be any part of life. Why does life have to be such a fucking bitch in this manner?
I realize that if we all lived forever, this massive rock would become pretty fucking crowded, but…
as a side note, I may mention that it may boost the economy a bit with all of those extra workers all over the world. I’m betting that since everyone would be so giddy that the grieving process had dissipated in their lives, greed would somewhat vanish as well.
I mean people. Can you even fucking imagine having the confidence that you would never lose anyone ever again? Can you really fucking fathom this? What if we could all live forever ad maintain not taking advantage of one another. No taking for granted. None of that junk.
Have you began to cry yet? I almost shed one at that second. I’ll be back.