Phillip Vanarsdel - Solutions Provider
Sugary O
In Life

Currently, I’ve decided to state that I want to slightly lick the olive of your sugary face. I like to use the term “fat face,” but I will not here. If you ever deemed it possible to touch that precious face of yours, please bring an olive branch. Pardon me, I misspoke. Why didn’t I delete it then? Well, I didn’t want to. What I meant to ask you to bring was a palm branch. I believe that this would put off a better breeze while one may waft it my way. Waft? Indeed, I mentioned it.

So while I waft, pardon me, as I’m wafted….

I dream, but is it really a dream if it soon shall become free? Reality I say, is it a dream if I know that it will become reality? Well, are you gonna answer me?

I think that we all dream, in fact, I know that we do. Mine, however, shall morph into reality as soon specific time, unbeknown to me. I just said that, to use that. I know that it will be achieved very soon.

What are some of your dreams?

I’m not one that you could call a “believer” in modern day religious terms. I am a believer in plenty of other things. One that specifically drives would be that of fate.

Firm believer = yes, that’s me.

My day shall come and you can bet your sweet lily ass that I’m going to push harder for it to be sooner rather than the late. I shall overcome and abide by my morals by changing them every chance that I get. Every thought that enters my head is of the random variety. You should know that without even having met me, just yet.

My train is set to “all aboard” soon and I would like to meet some of the fortunate humans that I will be traveling with. Fortunate for me? Fortunate for you? I’m not a gambler, if I was, I’d say for us both…

I bring a lot to the table. On this particular trip, I shall bring no baggage. You, on the other hand, are free to to bring all of the luggage you deem appropriate so long as you have the clear understanding that I will be chunkin’ your shit out of the port hole.

Rude? Some may say so, but this is my fucking trip and I call “no baggage!”